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Hi to all.
We have a lot of questions regarding the 42ml vials and sizes of products and solutions.
Just a quick background. I am a pro bodybuilder and background in endocrinology. And I hope I can help pass on any information that may lead to someone getting closer to there goals.
The reason for the 42ml vials is because of the nature of the cycle lengths we provide.
As a bodybuilder we run cycles of 8 weeks on and 4 weeks off.
So each vial is run at 5ml per week for the 8 weeks bringing that to 40ml.
I'll explain a little in depth a Master's Cycle so it clears the air and hopefully gets everyone on the same track. This is something that we need to explain on the front page of our website and will do in the future as we see so many confused about sizes of products etc.

Master's pinning Cycle:
Pinning solution:
Trenbolone Enanthate 75mg/ml
Masteron Enanthate 75mg/ml
Testosterone Enanthate 100mg/ml
Pin 5ml per week-(mon,wed,Fri).
6 weeks oral winstrol/stanazolol liquid
Formestane transdermal at 30drops per day on thin skin for 12 weeks. (Works extremely well for the 4 weeks off)
Amazing product and also available in injectable form 45ml and lasts for up to 3 full cycles. (1ml/week)
Please research this product. This keeps hormonal cancers at bay!!!. (Unlike other toxic oral antiestrogens).
So that is the reason for the product volumes and costs.
These cycles are not just a simple 4 by 10ml vials. This is 9 to 10 by 10ml vials if you had to buy seperatly. Do your maths on mg and the above cycle is easily sold on the street for 3k AUD. Just FYI. And at the moment we are selling all products for a discounted start up price reduction of 30%. For 1 month only.
So yes we are to prove to the world that these Products are genuine and we can ship to the world around us. But we do this with other businesses and this is the first time to setup something that no other companies do in the world. Full safe cycles. I have been competing as a bodybuilder for many years and have always used the same products from the same supplier and now with my knowledge and there skill set we can now help others cycle safely and get the needed growth that they deserve and pay for. This all in one site has never been done before and we cater to all needs and goal requirements. Running 4 cycles per year. If proof is needed for authentication then we have blood work to prove this and many clients that can help back this information. We have just started up but have been around for many many years in the fitness industry. I hope this helps settle any questions.
Please do not hesitate to pm us or email us on the website and we will do our utmost to help answer and help with any further questions you may have.

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