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Oral liquid cycles.

All oral cycles are recommended to run the following supplements for safe and healthy body:

TMG/Trimethylglycine 1000mg/day

Milk Thistle 300mg/day

Taurine 1000-2000mg/day

Coq10 abuiqinone 150-300mg/day

Glucosamine at 1000mg/day



Anavar: Mixed at 20mg/ml

Dosage: 2ml morning in small amount of juice and 2ml evening in small amount of juice. Total 80mg/day. (8 week cycle)


Clenbuterol: Dose is dependent of each individual. Start with 60mcg per day and move up until you get the shakes. When you get the shakes then back off dosage till just before it stops. Still be a little shakey as this helps burn fat.

80mcg per day for a full sized male.

Clenbuterol to be run 2 weeks on and then have 2 weeks off. Do this twice for a 8 week cycle. (Do not run any longer then 2 weeks at a time as it will cause muscle catabolism and muscle Cramps)

This cycle is an 8 week cycle.

Price: $620.00 AUD



Anavar: 60mg/day, mixed at 20mg/ml

1.5ml in morning with little juice and 1.5ml in evenings with little juice.


Winstrol oral: 75mg/day mixed at 25mg/ml.

1.5ml in morning with little juice and 1.5ml in evenings with little juice.


Formestane drops-( Antiestrogen topical application)

Mixed at 4mg/drop

5 drops on thin skin in morning and

5 drops on evening on thin skin.

Duration of drops is 12 weeks. Great for post cycle and holds gains and keeps estrogen low to medium.

If skin gets irritable then wash off after 1hr and moisturise.

Price:$780.00 AUD.



Dianabol: 80mg/day mixed at 50mg/ml.

.8/ml in morning with little juice and .8/ml in evening with little juice

Run Dianabol for 6 weeks.


Winstrol and Anavar run for the 2 weeks remaining after the Dianabol cycle. This leans out the cycle and gives a good grainy effect and lean gains.


Winstrol oral: 50mg/day mixed at 25mg/ml.

1ml in morning with little juice and 1ml evening with little juice.


Anavar: 80mg/day mixed at 20mg/ml.

2ml in morning with little juice and 2ml in evenings with little juice.


Formestane drops: (Antiestrogen topical application)

20 drops per day.

Mixed at 4mg/drop.

10 drops on thin skin in the morning and 10 drops in evening on thin skin. (Wrists, backs of hand, tops of feet etc) May cause a little irritation.

Keep on for minimum 1 hr and then wash off if causes too much irritation and moisturise.

Run Formestane drops for 12 weeks. Great for post cycle. Holds gains.

Price:$880.00 AUD.


We also setup any cycles to suit the individual and take time to listen to the individuals needs and outcomes they desire.

We are fully trained and our hope is to help people cycle safely and get the gains needed with great services and product quality.


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